[Update #1: The deadline has passed. All entries are in; no further entries will be accepted. Voting will commence soon.]

Would you like to win an awesomely cool Steampunk-styles corset for Valentine’s day? Whether it is for you or your Valentine, it is sure to add some extra Steampunk flavor to the amor of the day. The prize, specifically, is the Brown Steampunk Style Overbust Corset with Chain and Stud Detail from Corset-Story, who are being kind enough to provide it.

So, what do you have to do? Well, you have to write. Yes, welcome to the first Steampunk.com St. Valentine’s Short Short Short Competition!

Let me explain. We’re looking for Steampunk Valentine stories, because that seems apropos. But we’re also a little pressed for time, so we’d like them to be short shorts. There isn’t a specific definition for this length, but 500 words would be a good guideline. If you go over a little, so be it. If you hit 1000, it is safe to say you’ve got more story than our little contest can handle. So, that’s the short short part.

The short part is that you only have a week, well less than a week really. Stories need to be in by next Sunday (January 20th) by midnight Eastern Daylight Time. That’s not much time, but that’s what makes it a short short short competition.

So, post your stories in the comments section and, in a week, we’ll start voting on them. Please include a short bio so we know who you are, what you like about Steampunk, etc.

Fine print

  • Our judgment is final.
  • If we think you are rigging the votes, we may disqualify your story, so please behave.
  • Please don’t plagiarize. The Internet will catch you and embarrass you if you try.
  • Corset-Story only ships to certain countries, so please check their list to make sure you can get your prize.
  • You are granting Steampunk.com the right to publish your story, both on the web site (so people can read it to vote on it) and potentially in a short ebook of the entries that would be made available free on this site and others.

Any questions can be submitted in the comments section and will be answered as promptly as possibly.