It was a long week of nominating. Over 100 people participated and which books were in the lead changed a number of time. The nomination period ended last night and we have our final ballot.

The Short List

In random order, here are the books that received the most nominations:

Leviathan by Scott WesterfeldThomas Riley by Nick ValentinoThe Morrow Stone by Ren CumminsDreadnought by Cherie PriestBoneshaker by Cherie Priest


The ballot counting procedure is explained on the nomination page. Basically, you rank the five books based on your preference for which should win. If your fist choice can’t win, it is eliminated and your second choice becomes your vote. If that can’t win, we move to your third choice. This repeats until one book has more than half the votes. If you do not rank all the books and all of your choices are eliminated, your ballot will basically not count. As a result of this, it behooves you to rank as many books as you can.

Voting runs from when this is posted until 11:59PM EDT December 21.

Please don’t try to vote twice. I really don’t want to have to wade through logs, IP addresses, cookies, etc. to try to eliminate cheaters. If I do think two (or more) votes are from the same person, I will only count the last one.

Also, note that the nominees (and ‘no book’) are randomized for each voter. This is to eliminate any first-candidate bias.

The ballot

The voting period has ended. Thank you for participating.