Brian Kesinger spends his days working as a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Now, for a lot of people, having a dream job like that would be enough, but not for Kesinger. In addition to his work at Disney, he has been putting his own distinctive stamp on Steampunk artwork for the last two years.

Kesinger first came to light for most of the Steampunk world with a post on IO9 called “Hey Disney, this is the steampunk princess movie we want!”. While I heartily agree with the sentiment in the article, Kesinger’s Steampunk art had been slowly infiltrating the web for a while before that. In his “Tea Girls” series, he uses tea staining to bring a rich warmth to his playful illustrations. His “Otto” illustrations about a woman named Victoria and her pet octopus are whimsy at its best. He has also given the world illustrations of Steampunk Darth Vader, Steampunk Cobra Commander, and best of all Felicia Day as the recruiting poster girl for the Dirigible Corps. Let’s hope the others at Disney are taking notice.

His drawings from these series are available as prints, t-shirts, etc. from our friends at Clockwork Couture.

Now, feast your eyes: