Today’s book is very new indeed, having just come out a few days ago. Unlike much steampunk, The Horns of Ruin doesn’t take place in the 19th century, or in any recognizable historic period. Instead, Tim Akers has followed the Moorcockian tradition of crafting a distinct world, that is able to hold a mirror up to our own world without the burden of our historical baggage.

Here’s the official teaser:

Eva Forge is the last paladin of a dead God. Morgan, God of battle and champion of the Fraterdom, was assassinated by his jealous brother, Amon. Over time, the Cult of Morgan has been surpassed by other gods, his blessings ignored in favor of brighter technologies and more mechanical miracles. Eva was the last child dedicated to the Cult of Morgan, forsaken by her parents and forgotten by her family. Now she watches as her new family, her Cult, crumbles all around her.

When a series of kidnappings and murders makes it clear that someone is trying to hasten the death of the Cult of Morgan, Eva must seek out unexpected allies and unwelcome answers in the city of Ash. But will she be able to save the city from a growing conspiracy, one that reaches back to her childhood, even back to the murder of her god?


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Now let us know what you think of it.