It’s getting late in the year, so it’s time to revisit the awards… in particular what categories we want this year.

Last year, we just did “Book of the Year” which generated a lot of nominations and votes and fun. Even so, it certainly leaves out a lot of the steampunk, er, stuff. For example: short stories, short films, graphic novels/comics/web comics, games, websites, music, 2D art, 3D art.

We have had some suggestions already:

  • steampunk enterprise (new ongoing or large project; this one needs some clarity)
  • steampunkification (waving of the steampunk wand over something already existent)
  • steampunk short film
  • steampunk web comic

Now, of course, I could think of categories all day long, but I want your suggestions because (a) you will be will be the ones voting and (b) too many categories might spook potential voters. Who wants to stop in to vote on a book you liked and see 50 categories? People feel pressured to pick something in those categories and it might well lower voter turnout.

So… what categories should we have? Comment, share, tweet, ask your friends. Let’s make this even better this year.