If you’re a steampunk writer, there is a new anthology coming that you have to know about. The idea was born in the roiling discussion of a Twitter Steampunk chat, and is being nurtured by Flying Pen Press into a reality. That reality is a steampunk Shakespeare anthology, with the working title of (deep breath) The Omnibus of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Pentatetrameter: A Steampunk’s Shakespeare Anthology, and it is now accepting stories.

Shakespeare’s plays offer a rich playground for a steampunk writer, but the anthology does request the steampunk elements to be more than merely window dressing. That is, don’t just have Richard III call “A mechanohorse! A mechanohorse! My Kingdom for a mechanohorse!” and expect to make the grade. The above-mentioned chat provides some good discussion about this topic. The submission guidelines, more directly, suggests you ask yourself “What new insight will your Steampunk version of Shakespeare bring to the Bard’s original works?” Valid question and its answers should make for some great reading when it hits the shelves.

The full guidelines and related resources can be found on the Steampunk Shakespeare web site.

Now, get writing!