Just after the start of the new year, I posted about a Lego Pegasus Automaton. It was very cool, but I’m sure some of you were thinking “Sure, a Pegasus is great, but what about a Lego Steampunk Shark Submarine Automaton”? Well, here you go, complete with gnashing teeth, swaying tail fin, etc.

This fine gear-driver creature/conveyance was built by Eurobricks member “Legobodgers” as part of a contest To Sail the Technic Sea…”. For the non-Brickerati, Technic is Lego’s line of more engineering-oriented kits, which emphasize moving parts, gear-trains, etc. Well, Legobodgers’ “mind immediately jumped to a steampunk shark submarine” and for that we thank him.

Take a look at some of the details and see it in action below. Even more detail, including a nice shot of the pilot (in top hat) over at the original contest entry.

Lego Steampunk Shark Submersible Profile

Lego Steampunk Shark Submersible Detail 1