The mainstreaming of steampunk continues.

Monster High, Mattel’s horror-movie-inspired doll line, has a new character with a distinctly steampunk nature. Her name is Robecca Steam and she the robot/daughter of a unnamed and presumed dead mad scientist. Her profile is available at the Monster High wikia, but here are some highlights:

  • Her catchphrase is “a riveting personality.”
  • She is apparently always late due to internal clockwork problems.
  • She has a pet mechanical penguin named Captain Penny.
  • Her favorite class is metal shop and her favorite color is copper.

I will admit to being pretty out of the Monster High loop, but 6-8 year olds might be the youngest demographic I’ve seen steampunk marketed to yet. And if we capture their imaginations when they are young, they might well stay with us as they grow up.