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By: Steve "Blackbead" Sanders Sun, 21 Apr 2013 00:54:50 +0000 Announcing Blackbead Books latest offering – “Songs for a Mechanical Age” – a volume of Steampunk poetry! Primarily triolets, a rather mechanical form but one which allows for a human touch, the poems in “Songs for a Mechanical Age” were written specifically to celebrate the world of Steampunk. Here you will find visions of history, alternate history, fantasy and science fiction. These are ‘songs’ combining the rhythms of the machine, the beat of the human heart, and the hiss and visceral purr of the Clockwork Age!

“Songs” includes twenty-eight original poems with titles such as “”Man of Steam,” “The Last Stand,” “The Vapor Phase,” “Time Untamed,” “I Found Myself at a Crystal Cave,” and “Land Leviathan.”

Some of the pieces are humorous, some are adventurous, and there is even a Steampunk love poem or two! The poetry is Steampunk-themed but the poet also tried to write poetry that will appeal to the readers of the genre. “I didn’t want to just write poetry about Steampunk things; I wanted to write poetry that might have been written by a character in my favorite clockwork tale. I even included a piece from Alfred, Lord Tennyson, poet laureate of the United Kingdom for forty years during the Victorian Era, to which I tried to write a response.”

This is the perfect book of verse to carry with your kit! The triolet is only eight lines long and they are easily memorized. Next time your airship crew gets together, be prepared to recite “Steam Attacker” or “Goliath” or “Honor’s Courage”! These also make great gifts for that fellow Steampunk ‘afficianado’ who has everything! At only $4.99, get one for everyone on your airship crew!