I hope most of you have seen Her Majesty’s Explorer: a Steampunk bedtime story, Emilie P. Bush’s and William Kevin Petty’s first foray into the untamed wilderness that is Steampunk children’s books. That tale follows St. John Murphy Alexander, a mechanical explorer, but also introduced a much smaller mechanical creature: Steamduck.

Today (October 10, 2012) is the release day for Steamduck Learns to FLY!, the followup. In the sequel, we get to see how Steamduck starts his next adventure: flight. It all begins when he encounters a goose who asks him why he isn’t flying. When Steamduck explains that he can’t, the goose replies:

“That’s quite a shame
Go home and explain
to the inventor hat you want to try.
Sort through this bother
with that clever old otter,
and soon, you and I will skim clouds.”

So, as you’d imagine the duck does got to talk to the inventor, an adorably ingenious otter, about his desire to fly. The inventor explains to him that there are many ways to fly and we get a fun overview of different early types of flight, before the inventor makes good on his promise to help the duck.

The story is charming and sweet for both kids and parents. Petty’s illustrations are cute without being cloying and have just the right amount of detail for younger readers.

There’s a release party of sorts going on today on the Steamduck Facebook page that you might want to check out. The book is on sale today on Amazon at a special price of $10.

Oh, and here’s something nobody was allowed to share before today. Steamduck… with wings:

Steamduck with Wings