Selece batted the dart away with the copper and chrome that ornamented her lower sleeves.

“Damn and blast! Why do they always go after MY ship?”

Her deck was in chaos, as the crew tried to tie the safety ropes to their waists while simultaneously fighting off the pirates that attacked the merchant ship. She had already secured hers as she glanced over the railing for a moment and caught her breath. They weren’t over the ocean anymore so anyone that fell off the blimp-like ship would plunge to their deaths. Gritting her teeth, steam powered weapon in hand, Selece took another shot, the clink of the steam container on her back blasting excess into the air with each pull of the trigger.
The opposing captain caught her eye and for a moment they were at a standstill. As he rushed her and slipped around her bullets, she realized her beloved pistol couldn’t keep up. Knocking her gun away with a lift of his sword, he cut through the rope tying her to the ship and in the same motion pushed her back towards the railing.

‘No!’ She thought.

A shadow fell over the pair and their eyes were averted towards the source. The Captain’s gaze was met with a well-aimed boot. A newcomer. Apparently another ship had joined the fray. This newcomer turned with a devilish grin. It was the pirate Alistar, King of the Skies.

“You miss me, love?” Said Alistar with feigned hopefulness.

Selece repressed an inward groan. “No, Alistar, and I’m not your love.”

He winked roguishly at her.

“Sure you’re not. I just like to rescue damsels in distress.”

Alistar turned, his crew following his lead and fighting the other pirates off. Selece put her hand to her face in frustration.

“You could have died if you missed the ship!” She sighed with exasperation.

“But I wasn’t going to miss! Especially with a beauty such as yourself there to grace my vision!”

She laughed at his boldness, the warmth of his back against hers raising the temperature around her and making her blush.

“Don’t try to flatter me!”

They yelled to each other as they fought back to back, making quick work of the other crew. The last of them gone, Alistar turned once more to Selece, this time to find a gun in his face. She was somber, a touch of sorrow in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Alistar…but you’re a criminal and it’s my duty to bring–”

He stepped forward, sweeping her gun aside and placing a single finger to her lips. Her blush deepened at the contact.
“Smile, love. This isn’t over.”

He gave her a devil may care smile and jumped off the ship. Selece rushed forward, crying out.


He smiled up to her from the deck of his ship. Selece allowed a smile to touch her lips as his crew rejoined him.

“Should we give chase to the rascal, my lady?” Her first mate inquired.

Her gaze couldn’t leave his built form, her thoughts were on other things.

“No, we have cargo to deliver.”

The deckhand shook his head but his smile matched hers.

“Whatever you say, Queen.”

Her smile widened at the use of her old nickname as she kept watching Alistar’s ship retreat.

About the Author

Written by Scarlet. “The first thing that you should know about me is that I LARP. The second is that I LOVE Steampunk. I think the thing I like most about the Steampunk genre are the gears and metal. I’m like a bird in the sense that I love shiny things and I’m absolutely in love with the mix of Victorian style dress and copper or brass pieces. The Victorian era was filled with elegant dresses and tea parties and that’s the type of thing I like to do on a day off; dress up, get some friends together, and brew some tea. In combination with the random metal accessories like buckles and chains, which are also a favorite for me to wear in my everyday clothing, steampunk is just something awesomely cool that I hope I can someday pull off.”