He loves her so, although he’s cold, and others would say that he’s too old.
She loves him too, but not at will, she is forced to feel the love she feels.
He praises her like the Petrin tower, and uses her beauty for political power.
Her name is Victoria, her skin is fair, her lips are rosy, with long flowing hair.
Her husband holds a seat in the Prague City Council, a big, angry man named Arthur Townsel.
Victoria was born to a family of wealth, and her marriage to Arthur was not one of stealth.

They walked in River town on the cobblestone road, to the river town market, where fresh produce is sold.
The stench from the slaughter house engulfed the air; it surrounded the vendors in the market’s square.
Victoria was adorned by the finest corset dress, and those who beheld her beauty were always impressed.

Arthur gathered with his friends from old town, while Victoria continued to go shopping around.
Victoria’s hand went to grab for a peach, but a hand from beside her intersected her reach.
Victoria looked up, it was detective Vincent Chevalier. He was known to solve any crime without fear.
And for a moment their eyes locked, people started to stare. He felt his heart flutter, which for him was quite rare.
They both began to smile and then turned away, worried about what the people around them might say.

Then suddenly, like lighting from out of the sky, a steam powered carriage went flying quickly by.
A hideous man, with a monstrous face, snatched up Victoria, which began a chase.
Five carriages followed behind them, but he knew where to go. Flying far into the country to the basement of a ‪Château‬.‬
He had lost all five carriages miles and miles away, and this is the place that they were stay.

He tied her up without a word; she was shocked by all that just occurred.
“What do you want from me,” Victoria began to shout.
“Don’t worry my lady, you’ll soon figure it out,” said the man.

“I will save Victoria,” said Vincent.
“You’re not going alone,” said Arthur. “I swear when I find him, I will break every bone.”
They set off to search at the end of the town, but the man and Victoria were nowhere to be found.

Back at the chateau, Victoria asks the man his name, with his hands on his hips, “Valentinus!” he exclaimed.
“I am an inventor,” He said with a voice loud and strong, “But one of my experiments went horribly wrong.
I was to travel back in the past to a certain time and place, but the machine had too much power and the steam blew in my face.
I asked your husband many times if there was money he could lend, so I could fix my machine and try to experiment again.

“But why do you need to travel back into the past?” she asked.

“To see my loving wife before the day that she had passed.” said Valentinus.
“That day my wife Ophelia was shot by a dangerous man, if I can go back in time I can take the gun from his hand.
She’s the only one in the world who loved me with all her heart and that blood thirsty beast tore our love apart.
You are all the bait to get what I need, when you husband pays to get you back I’ll be able to succeed. ”

Every letter sent by Valentinus, Arthur replied with a deny, and wrote back to Valentinus that Valentinus was soon to die.
Vincent continued on with the search, not having any luck. The lack of clues left behind had him dumbfound and stuck.

The days began to slip away, Victoria didn’t mind. Valentinus took care of her and turned out to be kind.
Valentinus came to the realization that he may never go back to his love,
And found that often on his mind, Victoria was who he thinks of.

The both decided to run away, not wanting to be found, and as fate would have it between them both love grew deep and profound.