There she stood, the woman I’d dreamt of since my youth, in all her glory and beauty and years of flawless design. From the radiant hair, a glowing flowing white from her head to her waist, down to the gears on her boots. Her skin as smooth as polished stone, and as warm as a cold summer brook. Her eyes made of true greens and blues brings my heart to a stop. Twelve long years it took to build my one true love, to make her glisten like so many dreams past by. And my long days and short nights come down to this one moment. Dare I give life to a dream? Who am I to assume the ability and rights of that which brings man into this world? But what is a world without true love, without that one to which brings lighthearted laughter and much sought after affection, be it of the flesh or be it crafted out of steam and gears and machine. And with no further thought, no further foresight I flipped a switch and suddenly my world began to spin out of control. One small motion and gears started spinning, whirling, and bringing me beyond my wildest imagination. Moments later, her head drifted up, and without hesitation she stepped towards me and faltered just slightly and fell right into my arms like so many nights I’d caught her in my dreams, now for the first time it was real. She looked up at me and in that moment I knew, I knew she was mine and I would give her my world if she asked. With my hand upon her face I gently pressed my lips against the cold metal of her forehead and in her eyes I was lost in a world I thought would never be.