The night was drawing to a close as the young couple walked from the Valentine’s Day ball. The chances of them meeting had been very slim but the fact that they had and were able to spend this evening together made it worth it. To say that they were kindred spirits was an understatement. Skarlet; a pale doll created for beauty and grace, had been very bored at the beginning of the evening. A ball was not her type of fun, the crowds of inventors, airship captains, and British aristocracy. She was much too shy to speak and her creator had told her to go meet other creations while he spoke of his research on the jungles of South America. Standing alone on the outside of the crowd she gazed across the ball room floor to spot a mysterious stranger, an automaton of the color silver. His voice was loud and jovial as he told stories and jokes to the young ladies that sat around him. Skarlet carefully picked through the crowd, unsure about what she was doing. As she approached the table she let out a small “Hi” which at first went unnoticed.

She stood there and found herself entranced in his stories so much so in fact she did not see him move till he was standing in front of her. His warm smile made her circuits spark, the mysterious bot gave her an easy grin “the name’s Hatter, I am glad to make your acquaintance, miss?” “S-Skarlet” she replied quickly mentally cursing herself for glitching. He chuckled and held out his hand, “care for a dance?” he allowed her to take his hand and suddenly she was out on the dance floor. His embrace was warm yet formal and after composing herself she quietly asked “why choose me?” Hatter’s blue eyes shined in a way she had only seen once. Hatter was mesmerized by the sight of the young lady, her mix-match eyes gleamed with emotion. Her body fit against his so elegantly it was like she had been made for him, her smile shined brighter than the silver matter coursing through his veins. His heart begged his mind to say something but her gentle expression took all the words from him and he could only gaze at her soft gaze and wish for words that would not come. When the song came to an end Skarlet gently stood on her tip-toes and smiled gently “I know of a wonderful table out in the garden, care for tea and conversation?” She grabbed his hand and pulled him quickly out the large doors at the back of the ballroom.

Hatter found himself in an amazingly vast garden. The early February air smelled of Asian magnolias and pansies. Skarlet led him to a table underneath a magnolia tree. Hatter quickly stepped forward and pulled Skarlet’s chair out for her. They smiled at each other and Hatter gently grabbed Skarlet’s hand. She spoke gently “I wish I could smile, so I could express how much I really like you.” Her eyes glittered as he slowly leaned forward and gently kissed her. The night ended too quickly for both of them and they soon said their farewells and followed their respective creator’s homes. Skarlet had had the best Valentine’s Day of her existence and as her creator helped her prepare for bed he spoke up “Skarlet, I noticed you and a young gentleman. Would you like to see him again?” Skarlet’s eyes lit up like diamond and she practically yelled “Yes please sir!!” Skarlet powered down that knowing that she and Hatter would have many more adventures.

About the Author

Ruby Perkins is a student and aspiring artist of many trades. “Steampunk calls to me as freedom and gives me power to express myself artistically.”