The wires sparked under her quickly moving fingers. Parts of her gloves were getting burned, but she ignored it and pressed on. There wasn’t much time left, this needed to be completed by morning.

It was just puppy love, at least that’s what she had convinced herself. There was no point in getting hung up over it. She was too smart to let herself be obsessed with love. She wasn’t like all the other girls at her school, acting silly, tightening their corsets so the guys would notice them, confessing their feelings behind the gymnasium every weekend. But now, she felt the heat rise to her cheeks again and shook her head trying to shake it off.

Another spark. She put her finger to her mouth to ease the light burn. Playing with the half-built trinket in her other hand she started to doubt what she was doing. Was this even worth it? Would he accept it? Did he even remember her?

Five years is a long time. That’s how long ago he had , but now he was back. And only a week before Valentine’s Day! At first she couldn’t think of what to do or say. The thought of confessing seemed to fall into her head from no where, and she couldn’t shake it. She hadn’t even spoken with him yet.

She took the trinket in both hands. It was almost finished, would she really just end now. Leave it here with her other half made inventions that wouldn’t work. Would this be another failure, or–. Her eyes went to the wall. A small selection of ribbons and trophies she had won over the years for her inventions. Could she be successful with this new trinket like she was with them? Could she be successful in romance?
The thought reddened her face once again. Looking back to the trinket she held she decided to follow though. There was no point in wondering, she had to know. The only way to know is to experiment, to test it out, to tell him.

With a new burst of energy she managed to finish sometime before the sun came up. She wrapped it up in a small black box and put it in her school bag. When she finally laid down to sleep the excitement started to bubble up inside her and she couldn’t rest.

When morning came she found herself watching the hands on the clock tick by. Her hand poised over the switch seconds before the clock hit seven. The chimes rang for the shortest moment and she flung herself out of bed. She got dressed faster than ever, tying her leather corset as she flew down the stairs, her bag hanging over her shoulder.

By the time her parents came out of their own room she was already half way finished with her breakfast and had run out the door before they could question her morning rush.

Waiting under the clock tower in front of the school she fidgeted with the strap of her bag while she waited for him to arrive on campus. A slow trickle of students began to arrive. The wait was exhausting.

The crowds traffic began to increase and she looked out over the faces hoping he wouldn’t pass by her. She started to get anxious as the time moved forward.

“Is that Sara?” Her head turned sharply at the sound of her name. It was him. And she froze. He cocked his head to the side. “Am I wrong?”

“N-no! It’s me.” She found it hard to make eye contact.

“Great!” His smile was lovely. “You don’t remember me, do you?”

“I do! Keith” she said softly and he smiled again. Her arms went slack and she managed to keep her gaze on his face. It was quiet for a moment between them. What was she trying to do again? Then she remembered the present.

She pulled at the zipper on her bag, but her nervousness made her stumble. The bell rang and she froze.

“Uh oh, looks like class is starting. We better get inside.” He started to turn towards the building. Students were rushing in before the second bell.

“Wait!” She shouted, a little louder than she meant. Embarrassment burned her cheeks again. She was getting real fed up with all this blushing. But he stopped and looked back at her. For a moment she thought she would tear her bag apart, but the zipper finally opened and she pulled out the black box.
With shaky steps she walked up to Keith, when she was a step away she pushed her arm out, keeping her eyes on the gift.

“It’s for you.” She felt his hand touch hers when he took it and thought she might pass out from the heat that was rising to her face. Forcing her head to look up she watched him curiously open the gift. He pushed back the tissue paper and pulled up the chain. On the end was a small bronze heart. “Y-you have to wind it up. On the back.”

He flipped it over and began to wind the small key, before turning it back to the front. The center of the heart opened up revealing a lightly glowing glass sphere with a picture etched into it. It was an old picture, from when they were children that her mother took when she found them sleeping under a tree after they were done playing.

Her eyes stayed on the picture, so she didn’t notice his eyes watching her, until he stepped forward. The movement shook her attention and she froze when his lips touched her burning cheek.