The following are excerpts from a journal of a member of the pirate airship Nebelig Schande that literally fell into my lap one day. Reading the adventures of this man it is interesting the affect a pair of fine eyes had on this one man.

“… I never thought myself to be the one to rescue a damsel in distress, I’m a pirate, but today day in an instant when our ship came out of a cloud bank to attack the George Hampton, when by chance or destiny the ships collided … in a moment I saw her … when some rigging started to crash down toward her position I swung across and knocked her out of harm’s way … getting up I felt the deck lurch, the George was going down, then my life changed forever I yelled to her over the sound of groaning metal and splitting timbers,’ if you want to live come with me.’ She nodded her head, without a thought I picked her up,… we barely made it back as the Nebe was pulling away and the George dissolved behind us.”

“Wow, what a difference a day makes … today, that girl with the green eyes on the face of an angel …”

“… spent the last week in the brig for bringing Selena aboard …. we’ve got rules and I broke one big time when I brought Her back… but it was worth it. She’s brought my grub everyday; I could have been in there a month and not have noticed the time …”

“… I thought she was glad that I rescued her from the George, but something tells me she didn’t like it there, even with all its finery ….”

“… Selena has changed since coming on board, she use to walk, talk and smell differently. She’s still great to be around and it’s not like she smells like the other mates, men or women, but when I first grabbed her as we swung back to the Nebe she reminded me of the scent of a field of flowers after a summer’s rain.”

“… I haven’t gotten to talk with her she’s been busy doing the ship’s books. A skill she said her father taught her …”

“… I’m reading books so I have something to talk to Salena about; she is so smart, she helps explain things in a way I can understand. So I take every chance I can get to have her explain things …”

“…the ship’s going to roost soon. Selena’s been busy figuring out what we need for supplies and repairs and how to pay for it. Can’t plunder all the time …”

“… today, Selena said I can ‘escort’ her when we roost as she picks up supplies and arranges for repairs. …”

“…been saving my money to get something nice for Selena; A surprise, something she’ll really like….”

“…. Tomorrow is roosting day, I know the first couple of days will be busy ‘escorting’ Selena, I just love saying that word, ‘escort’ especially when her name follows it….”

“…when she didn’t think I saw her, I noticed her eying a jade necklace in a shop. I just hope it’s still there and I can find the shop in a couple days when I won’t be ‘escorting’ Selena. …”

“ …Selena seems down today. I asked her, she said it was nothing …. I did get the necklace, I hope she likes it. …”

“… Selena doesn’t seem herself. Maybe like the rest of us she’s anxious for Lifting Day. I hope so. Tomorrow after we take off is when I’ll give her the necklace. …”

“Wow! I feel my life is charmed, first seeing and rescuing Selena, something a pirate isn’t known for, then after the Lifting Day celebration everyone was in a great mood. That is, everyone but my green eyed friend. I went over to her and she said she just felt blah. I told her that I had something for her that I hoped would cheer her up. I pulled out the small pouch from my pocket that held the necklace giving it to her while stuttering, ‘I noticed you saw this when we were in town, thought you’d like it so I got it for you. I think the jade matches your eyes so well so I bought it for you, ‘Happy Lifting day!’ As she opened the pouch and dumped it into her palm I noticed a tear come down her cheek. I asked if she was okay with it and she replied softly, ‘yes’. She then asked me to put it on her, I think I stood 3 inches taller. She asked how it looked, ‘It was made for you.’ She then leaped up to me wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek whispering in my ear; ”This is the best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever gotten. Thank you.” I just smiled down at her. I will never forget how I felt at that moment or how that kiss felt on my face. I could have floated right off the deck. I didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day. …”

About the Author

“Walter first appeared at the 2012 Tesla Con. Before that I don’t know where hes been. He is a romantic at heart. Science has always been an interest but sometimes life leads down different roads. This is my first post at writing a story. It was fun and I got so caught up in it I almost missed the part of the bio.

I enjoy the creativity and artistry of steampunk. It is a great world to have fun in.”