Somewhere near the edge of the world stood a small village. Nearly 40 houses covered in fog and steam in a cold and bar landscape. And in the strangest house of them al lived a weird creature, a robot with a beating heart and a working brain. He was given these by his creator a mad scientist an one of the last humans that had ever lived.

When the world grew colder and colder, the few humans that were still alive had to migrate. But they could not escape from god’s cold heart, who finally succeeded in erasing humankind. Leaving behind one of their greatest inventions: robot’s. Although humans were never given the time to perfect these creatures one man had almost succeeded in creating the perfect robot with real feelings. But the robot did not know what these feeling were, or what he should do with them in a world where no one had these feelings.

The robot learned soon that he could not share his feelings with other robot’s as they simply didn’t understand them. So the little one repaired an aircraft and started searching for someone who could explain these feelings to him. He had nearly seen the whole world and still couldn’t find anybody who could help him, when he was about to give up he stumbled upon a weird object. Curiosity took over and he observed the with leather covered paper object. He dug in the little knowledge that was given him, and came to the understanding that the thing he had found was a book. He picked it up and started reading. Two lovers with a forbidden love tried to meet each other. They died and the two rival families buried their hatred for one another. When the robot had read the story his feelings took over and he started crying. He had made up his mind, he would gather beautiful love stories to learn more about this interesting emotions.

When he had created his own library made of thousand no million books he started reading. At first he was happy for he had found a way he could use his feelings. But after a thousand books he started questioning things. Why weren’t there any creatures he could share these feeling with? Why did the other robots only do what they were programmed for? Did they not wish to learn about love? He started talking to the other robot’s but again the machines did not answer at al. They hadn’t learned to love. And even though the robot already knew that, he had never felt so lonely in his whole life.

He started to create his own love stories. It were the most gorgeous and sad love stories the world had ever known. But no one ever had the change to read them. And when the robots stopped moving, and everything came to an end. The only thing on the earth that proved there was once life and love were the beautiful stories that were left. And more particular the stories of a lonely robot, Who’s only wish was to find someone he could love.

About the Author

“Hello my name is Nikki and I live in Belgium (so please don’t mind my spelling). I’m 16 years old and I study art (painting, experimenting and other cool stuf). It’s difficult to find people who know about steampunk in Belgium and so far I have only found one person who is just like me crazy about steampunk. This is the first time I wrote a story and I’m happy that it is a steampunk one. I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading my story.”