Over and over the construction was wrong, the construction was always wrong. Hunched over the so called operating table with only the sounds of the whirring and beating of tools on their canvas… Could this template be correct? The failures hovered around him offering their pleas and unwanted assistance to their master. That one creaked far too often, this one moves far too robotically, those ones in shambles on the floor were entirely inoperable. He would get it eventually, every failure meant he was so much closer to success. Wouldn’t it be grand? On this Valentine’s day, to finally correct the equations and schematics littered with gears and gizmos?

Quite suddenly, there was the tell-tale breath of life and the unavoidable cloud of monochromatic smoke filling the air. This happened, of course, with every android he would create. It was his favorite part, you see. To breathe in the steam and ash, the heat searing his throat and lungs as his goggles clouded and were suddenly too snug upon his face. With his senses blinded, there was always the flicker of hope that would appear: maybe this one really will turn out just right! He was always disappointed, however, when the smog would dissipate. But then, there she was.

Stunning, new, and oh so very flawless. Her plates shifted and her falsified skin stretch with the first movements of her curious limbs. She scanned her environment slowly and cautiously and when her eyes fell upon him, he was so overjoyed. Years and years of work, finally it meant something! She was more than he could have ever expected or even asked for. “Love me…” he breathed, pulling her newly formed lips to his own. After so very, very long! He had achieved his longest life goal. He puffed with pride and gratification. They pulled apart and she smiled at him, so genuine and pure. It was the most breathtaking thing he had ever encountered. She replied, delicately, and with the voice even a choir of angels could not hope to acquire; “Absolutely not.”

About the Author

My short story is a short short story, and a bit more anti-valentine, really. But anyhoo, I’m Alandria, I mostly paint and rarely write but I figured I should give it a shot. Steampunk is just an aesthetically pleasing style to me and I’ve been interested in it ever since I learned it even existed. Hopefully that suits the bio portion of this? But yup anyway here’s the super short story doodad.