Her hair is the color of molten brass, Hephaestus would be jealous.
She moves with a smooth cool grace though powered by hot steam.
Clockworks spin within her and my focus is quite zealous.
I can not help but notice that her lights are all agleam.

I pray thee steam-powered girl, may I enquirer of your make and model?
Her voice is melodious as she answers so sweetly and demure.
Love has quickened my heart. I’m unsteady and start to toddle.
I wonder if my condition is serious, but I do not want a cure

Eros has started my clockwork heart.
I have found my steam-powered companion.
The secrets of our love I shall never impart,
but they are deeper than the deepest canyon

At last, I have found someone made just for me,
for a clockwork heart, love is the key,