Madame Fyrelyte stood on the bridge of her dirigible, the light from the aether used provide it’s power gave off a glow lighting her face. She was on a mission that was of the utmost urgency, at least for her personally. Two days ago she had gotten a coded message from the love of her life Sgt. Douglas Rich, who had been on a secret message for her majesty Queen Victoria. It had taken her half of the first day to decode it, a task that would have taken anyone else weeks if not longer. Madame Fyrelyte was a genius of her time, and as a tinkerer and technologist, she was able to read what Douglas had written to only her. “Time is short love, but my love for you will never be lost. Please do not follow or try to find me. I am lost within the machine”. There was no way possible that Madame Fyrelyte was going to even heed that warning and sit still, and actually Douglas knew that. Which is why he sent it exactly that way, she would gather her technology and follow him.

“Take down the Stars and Stripes men, set running to silent. Soon we approach our target” Madame Fyrelyte informed her crew. The crew followed her orders as they approached the small island, the moon lighting the waters in the bay before them. The dirigible would stay hidden in the cove inches above the ground while Madame Fyrelyte would begin her search.

Madame Fyrelyte began to prepare to leave her crew and ship. She already wore her steel corset, the spiral bones allowed her complete movement, while protecting her inner organs. She added to that her goggles and their many devices that would allow her to see thru the darkness of the jungle. Then her aether gun, built and modified by herself. She took nothing else, as speed was important, and while the tech she carried with her was great, she needed to be light on her feet.

“Captain Sprocket, if I am not back within 24 hours, or you are discovered – You know what to do sir” Madame Fyrelyte said to her trusty pilot.

“Yes Ma’am” was his curt replay. With that she was off into the tall trees with stealth.

Soon Madame Fyrelyte came upon the main feature of the small island, for at its heart was a Volcano, and while smoldering, it was dormant. She soon found a cave, turned on her aether lenses and saw it as if it was bright day inside. With every step the sound of gears clanking, and steam venting became louder, she wondered how the Volcano had even dampened such noise. Soon she came upon the end of the tunnel and at its precipice she looked down and beheld the thing that made such noise. There was the largest machination she had ever seen, surely the work of the evil Dr. Featherbone. But below there was her love, the man she would risk her life to rescue, and oh yes rescue him she would…

About the Author

Written by A. Rich – who in her other world life is Madame Fyrelyte – Tinkerer and Technologist for the Corn Island Steampunk Society in Louisville, Ky – a genuinely crazy creator and envisionist.