1. “My Brassy Steam-powered Girl” by Barry Huddleston
  2. “Madame Fyrelyte stood on the bridge…” by Madame Fyrelyte
  3. “There she stood…” by Brittany
  4. “The engine, the hydraulics…” by Clothdragon
  5. “Alex wiped the damp away…” by Dan Titmuss
  6. “Dana stood at the edge…” by Katey Springle Lempka
  7. “The gentle Lady Thornborough gazed…” by Emily
  8. “A Good Doctor is Made” by Gregory Johansson
  9. “The Gift” by Charlotte Tracey
  10. “What’s this?…” by Laurel Schlitt
  11. “That day, I chose to take…” by Elizabeth
  12. “The train to Bristol is now boarding…” by Flora
  13. “Over and over the construction was wrong…” by Alandria Cruxiel
  14. “Captain Katherine Wakefield looked out toward the sea…” by Cassidy Q.
  15. “Dumb Luck: a Steampunk Short Story” by A. E. McCollough
  16. “David landed, feline-silent…” by Michael Grey
  17. “Amara Deegan sneered…” by Amara Deegan
  18. “Not another one…” by Sharyn
  19. “The Bounty” by Rachel Klingberg
  20. “The night was drawing to a close…” by Ruby Perkins
  21. “The Genuine Article” by Virginia M. Sanders
  22. “The din of the crowded club…” by John J. Gray
  23. “Silence, broken by the awkward ticks…” by Lady Jane Summers
  24. “Anna drew in a sharp breath…” by Emma Woods
  25. “Submerged” by Empress Annde
  26. “I Love You…” by Tom O’Carmody
  27. “Nuts and Bolts of the Heart” by GoldfishGal WINNER
  28. “Time Will Tell” by Whitnee Abriel
  29. “The Thrush” by S. L. Windsor
  30. “Nadia lifted the goggles…” by Kit
  31. “Clockwork Heartache” by Glenn R. Shambach
  32. “Valentine’s Day” by Jaime
  33. “The Edge of the World” by Nikki De Backer
  34. “Slowly her vision swims…” by Tessa
  35. “Just inside the door…” by Elia Winters
  36. “The following are excerpts…” by Walter Pryce
  37. “Selece batted the dart away…” by Scarlet
  38. “Pouring over the newly acquired map…” by Karen Collins
  39. “First came Cappadocia…” by Katherine Duckett
  40. “On That Day” by Caleb Gillombardo
  41. “No sir, there haven’t been any calls…” by Margaret Mae