Well, at long last we have a winner.

Thirteen of the authors cast votes. All were invited to, both on the site and by email, but only thirteen did. Voters were asked to pick their first, second, and third choices. These I then scored as 5 points, 3 points, and 2 points. These numbers were chosen so that two choices on a lower level would outweigh one choice on a higher level. The thought was to allow stories that lots of people liked, but didn’t place first, to still have the chance to rise to the top.

Given these criteria, “Nuts and Bolts” by GoldfishGal is the winner with 23 points.

Congratulations, GoldfishGal! I’ll give your contact information to the folks at Corset-Story and they should be in touch with you shortly.

Because people enjoy these sorts of things, the runners up were:

I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. I am still planning to put these stories together into a free ebook, so any authors with edits, get them to me. Also, if you’d prefer a different title or byline, let me know.

Again, thank you to everyone involved and sorry for the chaos throughout. I’ll do better next time.