Day two. Five stories are already out of competition and we’ll eliminate another five today as ten more stories square off against each other. In the interest of being less spammy, we’ll collect all of each day’s matches in one post each day, along with the results from the day before.

First, let’s review yesterday’s results.

In the first match, a late surge of votes caused “Anna drew in a sharp breath…” by Emma Woods to be edged out by “No sir, there haven’t been any calls…” by Margaret Mae by a single vote (15-11). In match #2, “Submerged” by Empress Annde crushed “On That Day” by Caleb Gillombardo (49-17). Any stories going up against the Empress better bring a load of fans as she seems to have a lot of loyal subjects in her voting bloc. Match #3 gave us “First came Cappadocia…” by Katherine Duckett handily beating “I Love You…” by Tom O’Carmody (8-1). In the fourth match, “Pouring over the newly acquired map…” by Karen Collins fell to “Nuts and Bolts of the Heart” by GoldfishGal in light voting (6-2). And in match #5, in a busy contest, “Time Will Tell” by Whitnee Abriel handily beat out “Selece batted the dart away…” by Scarlet (24-7).

Today’s Matches

Update: Given some additional problems with this plugin, I’ve gone back to putting each match in its own post.

All votes received before 2:42 EDT had to be deleted due to them all being assigned to match #6. This is due to a bug in the SimplyPoll WordPress plugin that I believe I have now fixed. My sincere apologies.