Round two of voting was plagued with problems. First, all the votes were going to the first story on match #6 due to a plugin problem. I fixed the problem with the script, but I some people revoting seem to have had the old script cached. As a result, a lot of votes meant for elsewhere still ended up going to that first story. Given that I don’t know how many were meant for that story compared to how many were misplaced, I can only ignore the first sixty votes and work from there forward.


In Match #6, despite voting irregularities, “The Thrush” by S. L. Windsor still crushed “The following are excerpts…” by Walter Pryce (11-2). In Match #7, “Just inside the door…” by Elia Winters edged out “Nadia lifted the goggles…” by Kit in heavy voting. “Clockwork Heartache” by Glenn R. Shambach trounced “Slowly her vision swims…” by Tessa (12-4) in Match #8. Match #9 saw a similar drubbing of “The Edge of the World” by Nikki De Backer by “Valentine’s Day” by Jaime (13-4). And, finally, in Match #10, “Silence, broken by the awkward ticks…” by Lady Jane Summers came out on top of “That day, I chose to take…” by Elizabeth (7-4).

Round #3 starts today with Matches #11 – #15 as we continue to winnow the field.