Round three is over. Let’s take a look at what happened:

In Match #11, we saw the heaviest voting yet with “What’s this?…” by Laurel Schlitt coming out over “The din of the crowded club…” by John J. Gray (69-17). In Match #12, “The Genuine Article” by Virginia M. Sanders beat out “The Gift” by Charlotte Tracey (22-11). Oddly enough, Match #13 had “David landed, feline-silent…” by Michael Grey over “The night was drawing to a close…” by Ruby Perkins by the same margin (22-11). In Match #14, “The Bounty” by Rachel Klingberg narrowly edged out “Captain Katherine Wakefield looked out toward the sea…” by Cassidy Q (5-4). In Match #15, in the lightest voting yet, “Dumb Luck: a Steampunk Short Story” by A. E. McCollough slipped past “Not another one…” by Sharyn (2-1).

So, that’s 15 stories out, 26 remain. Another 5 matches start shortly. Remember to vote!