Four rounds over. Almost half the stories have been eliminated.

We ran into some more technical problems that led me to change voting plugins in the middle of this round, but rest assured that I carefully made sure every voter’s single vote was counted and that nobody got to vote twice. A nightmare nonetheless.

Let’s see what happened in round four:

In Match #16, “Over and over the construction was wrong…” by Alandria Cruxiel came out over “Amara Deegan sneered…” by Amara Deegan (24-13). Match #17 was our first blowout with “The train to Bristol is now boarding…” by Flora garnering no votes and allowing “No sir, there haven’t been any calls…” by Margaret Mae to win its second match (15-0). Fan favorite (judging from the comments) “Time Will Tell” by Whitnee Abriel fell to “A Good Doctor is Made” by Gregory Johansson in Match #18 (18-13). Match #19 was almost a second shutout, with #27 – “Nuts and Bolts of the Heart” by GoldfishGal winning its second match, this time against #7 – “The gentle Lady Thornborough gazed…” by Emily (10-1). And in Match #20, in heavy voting, #20 – “Dana stood at the edge…” by Katey Springle Lempka beat out #39 – “First came Cappadocia…” by Katherine Duckett (38-6).

Just five more matches and we’ll be down to the Steamy Sixteen!