Round five is over and we’re down to the Steamy Sixteen. Let’s see what happened:

In Match #21, we once again saw the power of Empress Annde’s followers as her story “Submerged” trounced “Alex wiped the damp away…” by Dan Titmuss (43-2). Match #22 had “Valentine’s Day” by Jaime beat out “The engine, the hydraulics…” by Clothdragon (4-2). Similarly, Match #23 gave us #3 – “There she stood…” by Brittany over “Clockwork Heartache” by Glenn R. Shambach (4-2). Match #24 looks like a soccer match with “Just inside the door…” by Elia Winters edging out “Madame Fyrelyte stood on the bridge…” by Madame Fyrelyte (1-0). And in Match #25, “The Thrush” by S. L. Windsor easily beat “My Brassy Steam-powered Girl” by Barry Huddleston (20-3).

Just sixteen stories left. Voting for the first half of the Steamy Sixteen starts this afternoon (to be set up after a real life work meeting). Tell your friends, tell your enemies, read, and vote!