Well, the aetheric eight voting is over and we move on to the semi-finals.

In Match #34, “Dana stood at the edge…” by Katey Springle Lempka beat out “Just inside the door…” by Elia Winters (77-61).

In Match #35, “Nuts and Bolts of the Heart” by GoldfishGal won over “The Bounty” by Rachel Klingberg.

In Match #36, “A Good Doctor is Made” by Gregory Johansson topped “David landed, feline-silent…” by Michael Grey (40-32).

And then there was Match #37, which had more votes than the rest of these matches put together, but in the end found “Submerged” by Empress Annde ending up over “Over and over the construction was wrong…” by Alandria Cruxiel (402-374). Clearly, both stories have some ardent supporters.

Voting will begin shortly for the semi-finals, but I have some real-life job stuff I need to get done first.