St. Patrick’s Day is always a hazardous time for people who are both fun and fashion conscious. They want to be in the spirit of the day, but the majority of St. Patrick’s Day items are so tacky. This can be even more of a problem for Steampunks, as they face a similar dilemma on a regular basis. Far too many “Steampunk” things suffer from gear-and-glue-gun syndrome.

Luckily, we’ve been able to impose on our future fashion editor, Euphorbia Goodwine, to find a few things Steampunk women can wear to get their Irish on, even if only for a day.

And she’ll be back again tomorrow to show Steampunk men how to do the same.

Living Dead Souls Steampunk Clothing - Long Striped Steampunk Corset Waist Skirt

Long Green Brocade Corset


Olivine Steampunk Earrings by Victorian Curiosities

Military Cyber Punk Steampunk Harness Strap Army Green Tank Dress

Green and Black Steampunk Wedding Dress