More people turn to KickStarter each day to get their projects off the ground and Steampunk creators are no different. It’s been a good year for Steampunk on KickStarter, and in November alone you successfully funded six different projects.

1. Laser Lace Letters – 7 Tangible Steampunk Stories

Laser Lace LettersA very unusual art project. The stories of seven people told in fragments, notes, and pieces left behind when each went to a London shop to have their cameo cut. Each set of clues to the story comes with a laser cut and hand woven lace cameo of the character in question. Together the seven stories show a world of assassins, airships, mad scientists, and adventurers as well as showing us how their lives interconnected before their disappearances. Seems pretty cool.

Funded: 105%

2. The World of Steam

The World of SteamEnvisioned as a Twilight Zone for Steampunk, The World of Steam will be an ongoing series of short films in a Steampunk world. The hope is to have high quality stories shot with high production values and the idea really caught the imagination of the Internet and the funding just rolled in. I can’t wait to start watching the episodes.

Funded: 155%

3. Ruse: A Steampunk Murder Mystery Card Game

Ruse: A Steampunk Murder Mystery Card GameWell, the name describes this pretty well. Think of it as hearts meets Clue. You take turns playing Motive, Means, and Opportunity cards to determine who committed the murder. You can trump them with Alibi cards, but who will run out of what cards first is part of the fun. Honestly, even without the Steampunk angle, this sounds like a fun game to play. If you thought The World of Steam was well-funded, hold on to your top hat.

Funded: 367%

4. Valiant: Steampunk Action Adventure Film

ValiantValiant is a short film that tells the story of three air pirates on the run in a post-apocalyptic Europe. Sound like Steampunk meets Dieselpunk meets I don’t know what? Kinda, but the important thing is that you helped fund all the miniature effects they need to make the movie have solid production values and sets the stage for possible future explorations of the Valiant world.

Funded: 118%

5. The Collected Bartleby and James Adventures

Bartleby and JamesThis book by Michael Corlim documents the adventures of detectives Anton Bartleby and James Wainwright, and came out as an ebook in July, but was unreachable for those of us who hanker for a more physical form in our tomes. Luckily, Kickstarter and more importantly you came to the rescue and now a paperback version will be released. No word yet on when it will be out, but at least it will see real ink. Well done.

Funded: 102%

6. Westward #3

Westward #3Westward is Steampunk mystery graphic novel being put out in ten issues. After the first two were self-funded, the creators needed a little help to get #3 out the door. Luckily you were there to fill in the gaps and keep this mystery series going.

Funded: 110%”