When most people think of fiction that prefigured steampunk, they think of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Of course, Verne and Wells are the Godfathers of the genre, but there is a lot of time between them and Blaylock and Jeter. And in that time, there were a few steampunk-ish works that are worth a glance. Which brings us to Queen Victoria’s Bomb. Here we get a glimpse of a world where the 19th century British Empire developed an atomic bomb during the Crimean war. While certainly not called steampunk at the time, you can see where it fits in nicely.

Unfortunately, this is all I can really offer here. The book came out in 1967, which makes it even older than me. I can find no official description and no reviews online. So, if by some chance you’ve read Queen Victoria’s Bomb, please drop a comment here. If you know of a review online, please leave a link.