The nomination period is now over. The final ballot will/should go live on December 14th. Voting will be open until December 21st at midnight EDT.

Nominations are now being accepted for the “ 2010 Book of the Year.” Let’s have some fun!

To nominate a book or books, just leave their names, one per line, in a comment on this post. I will add the nominations to the official tallies and remove them from your comment before it is posted here (to remove bias towards or against any early leaders). Note that since I have to strip out nominees and approve comments, your nomination may not appear for a little while.

A week from tomorrow the official voting will begin among the books that received the most nominations.

The author of the winning book will receive, um, something to commemorate their achievement. Not sure what. If any steampunk artists would like to contribute their talents in return for credit, that would be awesome! Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. If not, a nice certificate might have to do.

In addition, I’d love to offer a giveaway of some sort to the voters. If any authors/artists/publishers/random bystanders would like to provide something, that would be fantastic! Again, leave a comment with contact info and I’ll be in touch.

In the end, this should be a fun exercise. Please help us make this a successful event and help us pick a solid choice. So, steampunks readers, let’s hear from you! Steampunk writers, rally your fans! Steampunk publishers, help promote your writers!

Official Rules

1. Anyone can nominate as number of books from whenever for whatever reason.

Any book published anywhere in the world at any time is eligible. There is no specific date range for publication. There are two reasons for this. First, a book may become popular, influential, etc. in a year other than the one in which it was first published. Second, books are published at different times (and often in different years) in different countries. So, rather than focusing on a particular time frame for initial publication, just have at it and use your best judgment.

There are also no specific criteria as to what make a book the “book of the year.” Again, use your own judgment. You can nominate what you thought was the best book, the most original book, the more influential book, etc. You can nominate a novel, an anthology, or a non-fiction book. You can even nominate an ebook, although the luddite in me will shudder a bit.

Finally, there is no limit on the number of books you can nominate. If you honestly think there are a six or seven deserving books, knock yourself out and list them all. If you can only think of one book worthy, then list that. If none pop to mind, feel free to just wait for the ballot and vote on other people’s nominees (although I hope not everyone takes this route).

2. The nomination period is from the time these rules are posted until 11:59 EDT December 13th. That will give me time to compile the final ballot for posting the next day.

3. Only the five books with the most nominations will be listed on the final ballot unless the sixth book is very close in number of nominations (where “very close” is to be defined at the time of ballot compilation).

4. Final voting will be done using the same final ballot system as the Hugo Awards. Short version: Each voter (that’s you) will get to rank the five finalists, along with a “no book” option, according to their preference. Each nominee’s total is the number of ballots on which it gets the top spot. If no nominee gets over 50%, the nominee with the lowest total (or “no book” if that is lowest) is eliminated. The ballots that had gone to the eliminated option then go to the next highest choice. Again, add them up and see if we have a majority. If not, the next lowest nominee is eliminated. Rinse and repeat until there are only two choices left. At that point, either one has over 50% (and wins) or there is a tie (which means there is a tie). Long version: read here.

5. Please don’t try to vote twice. You can nominate all you want, but don’t try to nominate things multiple times. I really don’t want to have to wade through logs ad IP addresses to try to eliminate cheaters.

Note that all nominations will be counted. There is a bit of manual work and I am away from the keyboard at times. If it takes a little while for yours to show up, please be patient. Thanks!