Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a landmark of Victorian era speculative fiction and it is no surprise that its influence has been felt in many Steampunk works. Now NBC has brought us a small screen ongoing drama about the legendary vampire and Steampunk is returning the favor with elements of the aesthetic peppering not only the pilot but large story arcs as well.

In the opening scene, Dracula, played expertly by John Rhys Meyers, is resurrected and rescued from an iron coffin, complete with a clockwork mechanism controlling the spikes that impale his desicated corpse. After Dracula introduces himself to London society in the guise of American industrialist Alexander Grayson, we get to the opening titles. These feature silhouettes of more gears, Tesla coils, and machinery than the average science museum could muster, hinting that Steampunk technologies will be an important part of the story line. Just after the credits, we see Grayson discussing the acquisition of patents and then a demonstration of wireless power transmission, complete with a shoutout to Tesla.

The remainder of the episode introduces us to Dracula’s appetites, both literal and sexual, a secret cabal that are Dracula’s nemeses, a brief throwaway line that tells us that Jack the Ripper was a vampire, and vampire hunter Lady Jayne Wetherby complete with ninja-style weapon training.

From the first episode, it seems the series will have much to recommend itself to the Steampunk community: good production values, rooftop fights with sword canes, and a story line that revolves around a mix of revenge and competing power technologies. And it’s here just in time for Halloween.

The series premiered on October 25th and airs Friday nights at 10pm.

Here is the trailer for the pilot: