Spartan Games, the folks behind the space game Firestorm Armada and the fantasy naval game The Uncharted Seas (which has some steampunk elements itself), are rolling out a new game called Dystopian Wars. Set in an alternate 1870, it’s a steampunk world war, with some familiar nations and some not-so-familiar. The war is variously between Brittania, Prussia, Russia, the Federated States of America, the Empire of the Blazing Sun (Japan), the Ottoman Empire, the League of Italian States, and the Covenant of Antarctica. And, as with any world war, some countries are allies and some are enemies and some are neutral. It’s all laid out on their world map page. My favorite part is that not only is there an Antarctic country, but it is at war with everyone!

I haven’t played the game so I can’t vouch for the play quality, but the miniatures they’ve shown so far look pretty cool. Check them out:

Dystopian Wars Miniatures

If anyone has more information on the actually game play or other Dystopian Wars miniatures, please let me know.