A strong element in the Steampunk aesthetic is the idea of doing things yourself. Handcrafted and one-off items feel more authentic than something churned out by the thousands by injection molding. It is hard to give something the feel of a custom built mad science creation when you can buy it off the shelf at WalMart.

Lego is also all about inventing your own creations, with the Master Builder Academy being the pinacle of that. Of course, Lego also has a lot of sets designed to build a specific starship or police station or ninja turtle scene, but I grew up with Lego long before the themed kits. Not to be the grumpy old man, but in my day, Lego mostly just made brick-shaped bricks and finding a way to turn these plastic chunks into pyramids or dinosaurs or haunted houses was where the fun was. Master Builder Academy is Lego’s high end line that emphasizes creation over following directions and the new releases coming this July are all about Steampunk.

Here’s a taste to whet your appetite:

Lego Steampunk Announcement

Lego Master Builder Academy Level 4: Steampunk

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