jay-lake-rip-290x290Steampunk author Jay Lake died from his metastasized colon cancer June 1, 2014, 5 days shy of his 50th birthday. He is survived by his wife Susan and daughter Bronwyn (14).

He had made his fight with cancer very public through frequent blog posts about his condition, and it is a the subject of a documentary Lakeside – A Year With Jay Lake.

Jay Lake was not just a Steampunk writer, but also active in fandom, a regular tweetwe and blogger, and a member of the Steampunk community. His Clockwork Earth books took Steampunk to an almost absurb extreme in which the world and even the solar system are clockwork in nature (Mainspring, Escapement, and Pinion). Almost 20 other novels visit other parts of the fantasy and science fiction spectrum.

He will be missed.

(Portrait of Jay Lake copyright 2009 Mari Kursato.)