The 2010 ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, MI drew 1700 entries, but the big news for steampunk aficionados was Parsifal, the Steampig. And “big” is the key word in that sentence. Steampig is a giant sculpture, measuring 55′ long, 25′ wide, and 36′ tall. For all that size, the work is beautifully crafted and was built to withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour.

You know you love it. Would you like to own it?

You see, there’s a problem for the Steampig team. Parsifal needs a new home. ArtPrize 2010 has been over for some time and the next ArtPrize is rapidly approaching, so Parsifal needs to move.

Let’s be honest. He’s a good looking pig. He’s cool, he’s fun, and he embodies that wonderful steampunk balance between advanced technology and mechanical underpinnings. He’d look great in a park, in front of an office building, or even at an amusement park.

The monumental size of the Steampig means he is outside most of our price ranges. In addition to the asking price, there is also the cost of tearing down, moving, and reinstalling the colossus as well. That said, as public art goes, that is par for the course and has the added benefit of not looking like a bunch of french fries or orange blocks.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the trying economic times we in, Parsifal has yet to be adopted. If you know someone who makes public art decisions in your area, please consider aiming them at the Steampig. The big guy doesn’t eat much and has plenty of character. He just needs a place to call home.