From a steampunk mystery yesterday to a steampunk young adult fairy tale today. Just mixing things up a bit. Haywired comes from a small British publisher, so it might not be just sitting at your local book store, but the online booksellers should have it. The official description is very short, which is perhaps fitting for a short book (170 pages) but which doesn’t quite convey the quantity of twists and turns awaiting the reader:

In the quiet village of Little Wainesford, Ludwig Von Guggenstein is about to have his unusual existence turned inside out. When he and his father are blamed for a fatal accident during the harvest, a monstrous family secret is revealed. Soon Ludwig will begin to uncover diabolical plans that span countries and generations while ghoulish machines hunt him down. He must fight for survival, in a world gone haywire.


Reviews are scant for this one, but here are a couple to give you an idea of what Haywired is like.

So, have any of you read it? If so, let’s hear what you thought of it.