June 14th is H. G. Wells’ birthday and in his honor it is also International Steampunk Day (and has been for several years). This is a day to celebrate steampunk even more than normal and to share all the steampunky goodness with the uninitiated (or even those who were initiated but for whom it didn’t take the first time).

So, let’s make this post a place where everyone can share whatever they are doing or reading or thinking or loving that is steampunk. Dressing up for the day? Leave a link to a pic! Hosting something cool on your blog? Leave a link to that! If you are part of an organization or are running an upcoming event or working on a book or a costume or a piece of art or… anything! Leave a link and a description. I’ll do my best (day job notwithstanding) to be Johnny-on-the-Spot with comment moderation, so everything gets updated in a timely manner. Tweet me the links and I’ll retweet ‘em. Post them on the Facebook wall and I’ll make sure they don’t get blocked.

Oh, and be sure to let other people know so they can share their steampunkish fun and love as well.

Happy Steampunk Day!