Hanukkah starts tonight this year and what better way to mark the occasion than to take a look at some iconic elements of the celebration of light all done up Steampunk style.


Flickr user gozdom (no real name given) created a beautiful Steampunk dreidel and was kind enough to share several shots of it on Flickr. If you haven’t come across a dreidel before, it is a top used in traditional Hanukkah game.

Steampunk Dreidel


The menorah is perhaps the most recognized symbol of Hanukkah and is used to mark off the nights throughout this holiday.

A few years ago, Corey Doctorow shared this intricately crafted Steampunk menorah over on BoingBoing. It was created by Roger Wood, the artist behind Klockwerks.com.

Steampunk Menorah

The aforementioned gozdom also created a Steampunk menorah that replaced the warm glow of vacuum tubes for the candles. This also features some lovely brass etching around their bases.

Vacuum Tube Menorah

Vacuum Tube Menorah Detail

If you want your own Steamounk menorah, you can buy one (shown below) from artist Larry Gotkin for a mere $175.

Steampunk Menorah