2011 Conventions



Providence, RI
Founded in 2006, TempleCon is a celebration all things with a retro-futurist theme, right next door to one of the coolest cities in the world, Providence, Rhode Island. While we suppose you could call TempleCon a convention, as many are quick to do, it’s a bit more than that. It’s really a three day festival of modern hobby gaming and retro-futurist fandom, including events, performances and activities from all the genres out there that you can think of, and probably some that you can’t. It’s also a social event, which means that while we’re all about the entertainment, we’re even more about the people who love it. We started TempleCon for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because we think that things gaming and fandom need to finally be dragged out of the basement and into the ballroom. TempleCon breaks a lot of the long-standing rules of “geek” conventions, and offers up a diverse event full of wild parties, great games, live music, crazy performances, guests, workshops, vendors, and a ton more stuff that we think you’ll like.

Trust us. You want to be here.


Anachro Con

Atlanta, GA
AnachroCon is the place in the South for Steampunk, History, Alternate History, Sciences, Music, Classic Sci-Fi Literature and the most amazing costuming you’ve ever seen!

AnachroCon is a celebration of history both real and imagined. It is a place where those who have a love for yesterday’s future mix and mingle with those who chronicle the past and present.

AnachroCon is a home for Steampunks, Neo-Victorians, Retro-Futurists, Historical Re-enactors, Time Travelers, and general students of history, as well as those wishing to explore these areas.

We are dedicated to the principle of providing a safe social environment for the free exchange of ideas. We gather to interact, share, dance, and explore the possibilities of all things historical, alternately historical and fictional. We also strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of decorum and education.

AnachroCon is, and shall remain, a convention at which the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Guests include:

  • Emilie P. Bush
  • G. D. Falksen
  • Nick Valentino
  • Gypsy Nomads


Atlanta, GA
SheVaCon is celebrating it’s 19th year as the largest Multi-Media Science Fiction & Fantasy convention in Southwestern Virginia.

We offer many fun events and great programming focusing on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Workshops, panel-discussions, art show & artist alley, dealer’s room, costumed fandom groups, auctions, computer and console gaming, RPG/LARP gaming, Video and Anime screenings…. and so much more!

New for this year… SheVaCon is being held in the first weekend of March (4th – 6th 2011), so be sure to mark your calendars!

  • Media Guest of Honor: Virginia Hey
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Matt Busch
  • Writer Guest of Honor: Peter S. Beagle
  • Master of Ceremonies: Spat Oktan

Wild Wild West Con

Tucson, AZ
Wild Wild West Con is Arizona’s first and only steampunk convention and festival. This is a revolutionary re-invention of the standard hotel-based convention. The core of our event is within Old Tucson Studios, a famous movie studio and amusement park built in 1939. For this weekend only, Old Tucson is transforming into the town of Rusted Gear.

The year is 1896 and it is Rusted Gear’s centennial celebration. The town is hosting an amazing number of events and an active story line during this celebration including: music concerts, a dinner theater, a tea party with a published author, a charity fashion show, a freak show art show, a mercantile pavilion, a street parade, street performers, a high noon dual competition, a fast draw competition, a gaming parlor, live action stunt shows, cabaret saloon shows, ghost tours, a masquerade ball, a mad scientist lab, costume contests, courtroom discussion panels, how to workshops and much more.

  • Author Guests: O. M. Grey & Nick Valentino
  • Special Guests: League of S.T.E.A.M., Bruce & Melanie Rosenbaum, Victoria Moore & Thomas King

Victorian Heritage Days

Port Towsend, WA
2011 Victorian Heritage Days will feature events in historic Port Townsend and Fort Worden.

Port Townsend enjoys a unique place on the National Historic Register. One of only three such ports on the entire coastline of the United States, Port Townsend is known for its Victorian era architecture, breathtaking bayside harbor location and a wide variety of outdoor activities. Both marine and forest environments await.

Fort Worden, also a National Historic Landmark, is located within the city limits of Port Townsend. Just a few minutes from the center of town, Fort Worden is currently home to museums, educational institutions, and cultural events that entertain, inform, and preserve its heritage and ours.

The 2011 Victorian Heritage Days will celebrate the influence of our past on our present and future. Museums and historic homes will be open.


Anomaly Con

Denver, CO
The FIRST STEAMPUNK CONVENTION IN THE ROCKIES IS COMING TO DENVER: Anomaly Con, an Alternate History, Science Fiction and Steampunk convention!

Guests include: Emperor Justinian Stanislaus, Michelle Blank, Sarah A. Hoyt, Pandora Celtica, The Gristle Gals.


Steampunk Industrial Revolution

Nashua, NH

Steampunk Industrial Revolution is a convention taking place March 25-27, 2011 at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH.Steampunk Industrial Revolution. aims to bring together fans of steampunk from throughout New England to share in camaraderie. From maker to literary scholar, cosplayer to cabaret band, there is a place for everyone.

The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew and staff from Another Anime Convention are this convention’s primary organizers.

Guests include:

  • Maker Guest of Honor: Jake von Slatt
  • Literary Guest of Honor: Leanna Renee Hieber
  • Webcomic Guest of Honor: Everett Soares
  • The Dante Effect
  • Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition &c: WILD, WILD EAST!

Santa Clara, CA

3 days & 2 nights celebrating alternate history in the Near, Middle & Far East…

What the show’s organizers and volunteers want to do is emphasize the experience of the event: That someone could drive an hour from downtown San Francisco and be suddenly immersed in a world of airships and steam engines. The idea is a powerful one and suggests elements beyond the ken of traditional science fiction conventions, requiring the staff to draw on their years of experience acting and directing in the Renaissance and Dickens Fairs to create it. The decision was made to call the event an Exhibition, a term coined through the drive and passion for exploration during the 19th century, when the world was newly mapped but not yet fully explored. To further highlight this sense of adventure, the event was verbally relocated from modern-day California to the name Sir Francis Drake gave the San Francisco Bay Area back in 1579: Nova Albion.

Expecting an attendance of over 2,000 passionate steampunk aficionados, the 2011 Exhibition will be introducing an Asian theme: The Wild, Wild East, encouraging attendees to look beyond the comfortable spires of Big Ben or a clockwork home on the range and instead seek points east for elements of inspiration.

  • Author Guest: Cherie Priest
  • Special Guests: Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet

Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition

Toronto, ON
Canada’s National Steampunk Event!

Steampunk Canada is proud to present a spectacular celebration of the best in steampunk literature, arts, entertainment and fashion.

Join us April 29 to May 1, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario (well, Markham, to be exact)!

We welcome Steampunks from across our great nation and our friends around the world!

We have lots of amazing and amusing treats in the works. We already have people confirmed coming from across Canada and abroad. You don’t want to miss this!


Gaslight Gathering: Steampunk & Victoriana Convention

San Diego, CA

The Daedalus Line’s newest vessel, Zeppelin Rigid Aethership Gaslight, is now making regular trips, calling at all landings. No other airship in the skies is fitted up more comfortably than ZRA Gaslight, with LUXURY ACCOMODATIONS to rival the finest hotel or cruise ship. All this in a vessel utilizing the latest in flight technology, combining the newest in STEAM POWER with the safety of non combustible HELIUM gas. Cruise the skies and the aether in style and comfort previously only experienced by the likes of the Crowned Heads of Europe!

Captain Kinvarra Devonshire welcomes you to our Steampunk Gathering!

In-flight recreations and exotic ports of call combine to present a most excellent PHANTASMAGORIA guaranteed to both ENLIGHTEN and ENTERTAIN adults and children of every type and taste.

  • Literature Guest: Kim Newman
  • Maker Guest: Nick Crackitus Potts” Baumann

The Steampunk World’s Fair

Piscataway, NJ

Welcome to a three-day expedition into yesterday’s future! (And no, that doesn’t mean the present!) SPWF was the first East Coast event to welcome Steampunks, Neo-Victorians, Retro-futurists, Gas Lamp Fantasists, and any and all others who consider themselves part of steampunk into a weekend long festival celebrating all things steamy!

An interactive and social event for people of all levels of steampunk know-how to communicate, dance, exchange, and explore. Here, you will find representation of the art, culture, fashion, technology, history, gaming, and music of this fascinating and scintillating subculture and genre.

Say you enjoy the post-enlightenment of the Industrial Revolution, or Victorian Era upper-class sensibilities, or the mutated past merged with modern mentalities and counter-culture ethos. Maybe you like the skewed science of “What if?” and the historical settings, or you simply like to look dapper in your top hat. There is something here at the Steampunk World’s Fair for you!


World Steam Expo

Dearborn, MI

Welcome one and all to the World Steam Expo. In 2010, we brought you a show 120 years in the making, and we gave you one of the largest Steampunk experiences in the world. We are proud to return again in 2011 to bring you an even greater show and invite you to join us for The Great Exhibition! From the Masquerade Ball to our Mad Science Fair, this is a show unlike any other and we look forward to meeting you, and your expectations.

This coming year we have some fantastic guests that will be gracing us with their talents once more including the musical talents of Abney Park, The Bawdy Boys, The Gypsy Nomads, Harpnotic, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, among others forthcoming. Aegis Consulting will be returning with the famous Aegis Room! This year look for more boarding actions, more tactics, more action, and more thrown knives than you can shake an umbrella at! They will also be teaming up with the crew of the Daedelus to bring you a special black tie Monte Carlo night!

The lovely and talented First Lady of Steam, Evelyn Kriete, and always dashing author & speaker G.D. Falksen will be returning to share their insights and innovations with us. The officers of the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron will be in full force as they host a series of events from their new head quarters! Studio Foglio will also be back to entertain and delight us with readings, presentations, and content that is guaranteed to amaze you… or set your clanks on fire!

And new this year Sunday Driver will be dropping anchor at the Expo on their world tour! Sunday Driver is a Cambridge and London based fusion ensemble with English folk and classical Indian influences that have set the steampunk world on it’s ear. We can’t wait to share them with you this year! We are also terribly pleased to announce the addition of the Commodore of Comedy, and the Funkmaster of Filk, Tom Smith. He has been featured on The Dr. Demento Show, and is the writer of the official chantey for Talk Like A Pirate Day! If you have never experiences a night out with Tom Smith now is the perfect opportunity to fix that!


The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition

Fitchburg, MA

Here are the specifics:

  • Where: Courtyard Fitchburg 150 Royal Plaza Drive · Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420 USA
  • Guests: Abney Park, Jake von Slatt, Phil and Kaja Foglio
Registration: Pre-Registration (3-day passes only):
December 6, 2010 – January 31, 2011 — $45.
February 1 – March 31, 2011 — $55.
April 1 – May 31, 2011 – $65.
June 1 – End of registration – $75.


ICON 35, Cedar Rapids, IA, November 5-7

A Steam Powered Convention of the Future

  • Author Guest: Cory Doctorow
  • Artist Guest: Daniel Dociu
  • Toastmastert: Rusty Hevelin
  • Fan Guest: Susan Leabhart

TeslaCon, Madison, WI, November 5-7

Good day everyone,

I am Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins, Proprietor and chief architect of Royal Britannia Airways and the H. R. Bobbins Balloon Company. I want to invite you on our maiden voyage of the Explorer II. The most advanced dirigible in the world.

For three days you will be whisked away onboard my prized airship to an extravagant excursion over much of central and Eastern Europe. We leave November 5th with many fine people on board to bring merriment and hospitality to your get-a-way.

I have taken special care to create the ambiance and charm you would expect in a luxury liner airship. Please peruse the site and learn more about our adventure, and what we will be offering to you as our guests during this most auspicious occasion.

  • Guests of Honor: Cherie Priest, Heather Luca, Samantha Rei, Megan Maude

Steamcon II, Seattle, WA, November 19-21

This year’s steamposium will highlight the Weird Weird West or American steampunk, if you will. Imagine the age of steam on the wild frontier. You are invited to explore with us the world of roughriders on mechanical horses, mad inventors, mystical Indian shamans, and mighty steam locomotives. Picture airships instead of stagecoaches, and the precision of robotic sharp shooters. If western steampunk doesn’t appeal, there will still be lots of classic steampunk to partake of as well.

  • Writer Guest: James P. Blaylock
  • Artist Guest: Jake Von Slatt
  • Games Guest: Shane Hensley

Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza And Meet-Up, Greenville, SC, November 20

Join us for a weekend of Steam. There will be academic panels for those of a scholarly nature and classes for those that are more fun oriented. There will be vendors, a drum circle, and the Upstate Steampunk Ball. There will be costume contests and the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Upstate Steampunk. Break out your best goggles, your spats, your hooped skirts, and your sense of humor and prepare to party like it’s 1899.

Frozen in Time: A Steampunk Celebration, Somerset, NJ, December 4

Looking for a steampunk evening to round out your holiday season? We humbly request your presence at an evening filled with steampunk finery and elegance…

  • Musical Guests: The Davenport Sisters, Baron von Crankshaft, & Eli August;