If you haven’t heard yet, Cherie Priest’s novel Boneshaker is headed for the big screen thanks to Hammer Films. This is great news, as the book is wonderful (and was picked as our 2010 Book of the Year).

So, let’s have some fun. Who would you cast in the different roles?

Here are a dozen main(ish) characters to get you started, but feel free to suggest choices for minor characters.

  • Leviticus Blue
  • Briar Wilkes
  • Zeke Wilkes
  • Maynard Wilkes
  • Alaister Mayhem Osterude (Rudy)
  • Princess Angeline
  • Jeremiah Swakhammer
  • Lucy O’Gunning
  • Yaozu
  • Minnericht
  • Andan Cly
  • Croggon Beauregard Hainey

I’ll kick things off with a few suggestions:

  • Briar: Vera Farmiga (although there is some other actress I’d prefer whose name I cannot remember, but who looks like Holly Hunter, but with darker hair).
  • Maynard: Sam Elliot
  • Minnericht: Hugo Weaving or Titus Welliver

I think Angeline will be particularly hard to cast; they need a native American actress in her 60s or so who is believable is such a physical role. Angeline is a very special sort of bad-ass and I hope they find someone who can do the part justice.

So, what’s your dream cast?