Yesterday was an exciting day, here at central. A couple of weeks ago, I had received a tweet from @Cinemax saying they’d like to send me a little something relating to their new show The Knick. The Knick is Steven Soderbergh’s new drama about a struggling hospital in 1900 New York City, an idea that promises a wonderful mix of period style and gorey historical surgical techniques. Needless to say, I sent them a response as soon as possible and then waited.

Yesterday, the wait was over and I received what may be the coolest promotional package ever*.

First, we have a letter welcoming me to the staff of the Knickerbocker Hospital.

Letter from The Knick

I’m not sure what part of the letter is more inviting, the promise of “the miracle drug cocaine” or the reassurance that “pig carcasses remain readily available.” The letter ends explaining that “in this box, I will find necessities for your practice.”

What box? Let me show you. (Feel free to click on any of these for more detail.)

Yes, I have watched the first episode. Short version: very good. Long version coming soon, but I might have to watch it again first to make sure I do it justice.

[ * unless Marvel decides to send me a full sized metal replica of Captain America's shield, which seems pretty unlikely.]