I’ve decided to make this a whole week of steampunk vampire books. (I know I missed Monday, but feel free to look back at O. M. Grey’s Avalon Revisited from a few weeks ago and pretend it was on Monday.)

Today’s steampunk vampire book is a bit of an oldie, dating from back in 1992. Anno Dracula not only has vampires but also a host of other period characters, both real and fictional. Jack the ripper? Yes. Professor Moriarty? Sure. Drs. Jekyll, Moreau, and Fu Manchu? Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw? Yes and yes and there are plenty more. It’s like a 1800s Easter egg hunt!

But what about the story? Imagine a British empire with Dracula on the throne. Now throw in Jack the ripper killing vampire prostitutes and human and vampire having to work together to catch him. Good old fashioned adventure in a Victorian nightmare world. All this said, it could be argued (and no doubt has been) that this fits more into the gaslight fantasy category than steampunk proper. (Feel free to offer your thoughts on this below.)

Painfully short official description:

It is 1888; Dracula has married Queen Victoria and turned a large percentage of the population into the undead.

Following vampire Geneviève Dieudonné and explorer Charles Beauregard on the trail of the Ripper murders, this panoramic novel of altered history brilliantly reinvents the world of late Victorian melodrama.

Familiar and sinister figures from literature and history emerge from the fog, along with some shocking truths.


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