Steampunk continues to infiltrate new territory, this time the soft drink world, with Aether Cola, which seems to be the first Steampunk cola. This is a welcome addition to the potable choices available to a Steampunk enthusiast, as most of the exist options have been of the alcoholic persuasion (e.g. Hendrick’s Gin, Kraken Rum, and many varieties of absinthe).

Unlike other colas, Aether Cola is clear, and, in proper 19th century fashion, Aether Cola even has some patent medicine claims in their marketing. Unfortunately, I have yet to secure some of this potentially tasty beverage for myself; CyberCandy will ship to the Americas, but their site would not let me add it to my cart. For the moment at least, I’ll have to ask my readers who have to share their experiences with us.

Here’s the official blurb:

Many will recall clear colas of the past with misty eyed fondness and now it is returned from the depths of history.
Professor Abundius C Plunkett’s Pellucid Aether Cola. The Prof. has traversed the far reaches of the eolian aeriform in his purpose built steam powered “ballooncraft” in pursuit of the purest aether distillate imaginable. To clarify the mind and fortify weakened nerves we present Pellucid Aether Cola.