According to report from Deadline, ABC is developing a Steampunk drama called Gaslight. The show is “described as a lavish soap opera of passion, greed and hope set in a present-day Steampunk World in which three rival families battle for power and redemption in a re-imagined San Francisco.”

The show is being written and exec produced by Michael Cooney, who wrote the only-half-clever suspense thriller Identity (confession: I kind of like this movie), as well as some less interesting fare. The production company behind this whole thing is Sander/Moses Productions, headed by the team that brought us The Ghost Whisperer and the much more watchable Profiler back in the 1990s.

Note that ABC is also the network developing a Finn & Sawyer, a Steampunk private investigator take on grown up Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Perhaps ABC should stand for Anachronist Broadcasting Company?