Etsy artist Charissa Drengsen is producing some striking steampunk tarot cards.

Now, some are more steampunk than others. Death is simply beautiful, from the traditional skeleton to the mounted scarabs down the side. Harry Houdini as the Magician seems spot on. On the other hand, Albert Einstein as the Hierophant feels out of place to me, as most of his work was done outside of the conventional steampunk time period. Most of the cards have a rich collage feeling, although a few, such as the ace of cups, look more like stills from one of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations. Whether any of these quibbles detract from your enjoyment or appreciation of the deck is, of course, a matter of individual taste.

They are available at different prices, ranging from square-cornered monochrome backed ones for $25 up to rounded-cornered, pearlescent-finished ones with sepia and sage backs for $60. The major arcana are also available as notecards for $5. Drengsen is currently working on a companion book.