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Amazing Steampunk Style Watches from Kudoke

Amazing Steampunk Style Watches from Kudoke

Steampunk style comes at many price points, from decorated Nerf pistols and goggles made from scraps to hand-tailored costumes and custom-built computers. Very close to the top of that price list is things like the Skeleton watches from Kudoke, a high end watchmaker from Germany. Skeleton watches are not new, and we’ll be featuring some...

Steampunk Books Coming Out in April 2013

At the start of each calendar month, the Hugo award winner Fanzine SF Signal compiles a giant list of science fiction, fantasy, and horror (and thereabouts) books coming out in the next month. It’s a great resource. And from that I’ve sniffed out the Steampunk (and related) books from their list for April. As ever,...